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Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Take a Moment: Be Thankful

Sometimes, day-to-day struggles feel as though they define life. Everyone experiences this. Whether it’s a job that isn’t a good fit, a difficulty with a child, a chronic illness that you or a family member lives with, the “trouble” is all that we can think about. That’s when it is helpful to take a moment: To experience and to reflect. First to experience: We can experience the cool Read more [...]

Love your patients blog

Love Your Patients

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” In May 2002, the legendary Nelson Mandela said these words. In healthcare, the opportunities to make a positive difference in others’ lives are present in each day, each hour, and in each moment. So, we ask the Read more [...]

Lung Cancer blog

Many With Lung Cancer Never Smoked

There’s a movement afoot—energized by parents, children, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters—to change the language of cancer prevention, specifically lung cancer prevention. Why? If you ask Deanna Hendrickson, founder of the twitter chat #lcsm (Lung Cancer Social Media), you begin to understand that efforts made to dissuade cigarette smoking have had the effect of stigmatizing everyone Read more [...]

Patients first blog-2

Patients First…What does that mean for specialty pharmacies?

“I’d rather know what type of a person has a disease than what disease a person has.” —Sir William Osler After countless hours of research, we have learned that the patient knows, better than anyone else, how well their healthcare provider is meeting their needs. Can I have a “Duh”? Perhaps this seems logical using 20/20 hindsight. But it isn’t that clear. Why has the patient’s Read more [...]

Movember Mens Health

Men: Put Down Your Razors, Get Out Your Combs!

At least for the month of Movember. What? You haven’t seen this typo recently?  Well, it’s not a typo… it is actually a fund-raising campaign with an International flare.  Movember is the month November and the word “Mo,” which is a slang term for mustache in Australia. Movember's History In 2003, a couple of ‘mates’ sat in a pub bemoaning the loss of the mustache… apparently Read more [...]

Men Breast Cancer blog

I Didn’t Know Men Could Get Breast Cancer

Flabbergasted when he learned his diagnosis, Peter Devereaux  wrote in 2009,  “It was the first time I knew I had breasts….It is such a weird ordeal not only to have cancer, but to also have a women’s cancer.” “How can men get breast cancer? They don’t have breasts.” Actually, both boys and girls have tissue that, with the right hormones, can develop breasts.  Breasts are Read more [...]

Cancer Support

Cancer Support: Surrounded by Water without a Drop to Drink, so it Seemed

Carly* knew her life was about to change when she woke up one morning and found a painful lump in one of her breasts. She recalls telling herself all of the possible things the lump could be—what she hoped they would be—that didn’t involve the “C” word; the “C” word being cancer. “I knew at that moment, deep down, that my life was going to change forever,” she confesses. Carly’s Read more [...]

The Race to the Cure-blog art

The Future of Hepatitis C Treatment is becoming a Reality

The race to the hepatitis C cure took an exciting turn this month and the future of treatment became a reality for some patients battling the virus. Drug manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, received FDA approval to market its once-daily single tablet regimen for treatment of chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 in adults. Gilead’s new drug Harvoni®, considered by some clinicians as a one-two punch in stopping Read more [...]

hepatitis c drug pipeline

The Race to the Cure Continues: 2014 Promises More Hepatitis C Treatment Options

  This year, 2014, has indeed proven to be an exciting one for the advancement of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) genotype 1 treatment. This month, we saw the FDA approval of Gilead’s new drug Harvoni®, a once-daily single tablet regimen for treatment of chronic HCV genotype 1 in adults. HCV genotype 1 is the main subtype of the virus effecting about 70 percent of cases in the U.S. Harvoni Read more [...]

Otezla blog

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy to begin Dispensing Otezla®: the First and only FDA Approved PDE4 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Plaque Psoriasis

Lake Mary, FLA – Axium Healthcare Pharmacy announced today that it will begin to dispense Otezla® (apremilast), an oral treatment for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in patients where phototherapy or systemic therapy is deemed appropriate. Otezla® is the first and only PDE4 inhibitor approved for the treatment of plaque psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease that involves the immune Read more [...]