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Here Are 5 Symptoms That Should Send You to Your Doctor

  You may have worried about odd symptoms and wondered, “Do I need to be concerned?  Am I being a hypochondriac? “ First, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Hypochondriasis, or hypochondria, is an overwhelming fear that you have a serious disease, even though health care providers can find no evidence of illness.” (1) The number of people with hypochondriasis Read more [...]

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Do Patients Bend the Truth?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes!  Surveys conducted over a number of years give a glimpse of the extent of patients “bending the truth” when speaking with their healthcare providers. They also explain some of the reasons why this occurs. A 2004 online survey of patients conducted by WebMD hints at the issue.  Thirteen percent of the respondents admitted to lying to providers Read more [...]

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Five Ways a Specialty Pharmacy Can Help PCPs, Neurologists & Patients

Did you know that if a multiple sclerosis (MS) patient receives ongoing specialty therapy management, the likelihood of improving outcomes based on therapy goals may increase? Take a look at five ways a specialty pharmacy can simplify the therapy management process for providers, help improve outcomes for patients, and become a helping hand for all parties. Some of the features and benefits Read more [...]

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Nutrition Awareness in Nursing: March is Nutrition Awareness Month

“You can't heal what you don't acknowledge.” (1) Jack Canfield Caring is an energy intensive activity and, in their profession, nurses put forth enormous resources.  Yet their dynamism in the face of illness takes a toll.  Perhaps this is why so many are nurses struggle with their weight. In 2008, one survey revealed that 54% of nurse respondents reported weight issues specifically Read more [...]

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Nurses: The Superglue of Healthcare

The term “superglue” is defined as “a very strong adhesive substance.” The term “hero” is defined as “a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.” (1) When you combine these terms in healthcare, you have: Nurses. Nurses are, in every sense of the definition, the embodiment of superglue. Acting as the adhesive unit that holds therapy management Read more [...]

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Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Launches #oneteam Program – Processes PAs for All Hepatitis C Specialty Medication Referrals

#oneteam program ensures providers that all hepatitis C referrals can be sent to Axium Lake Mary, FLA – Axium Healthcare Pharmacy announced the official launch of its #oneteam single source referral program. The program means that Axium now accepts referrals for all hepatitis C specialty medication patients, and will perform—and complete—full prior authorization work, if permitted by health Read more [...]

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Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Now Dispensing ZEPATIER™ for HCV

Lake Mary, FLA – Axium Healthcare Pharmacy announced today that it is dispensing Merck’s new fixed dose all-oral ZEPATIER (elbasvir and grazoprevir) for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV), genotypes 1 and 4, in adults with or without cirrhosis. The medication also received FDA breakthrough therapy designation for use in patients with end-stage renal disease who are on hemodialysis. ZEPATIER Read more [...]

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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Teri Griege In 2002, when her niece announced that she was going to run one of the world’s major marathons, 41-year-old Teri Griege quipped, “If she can do it, I can do it.” With that statement, Teri started her journey to becoming an Iron Man Triathlete. What is an Ironman Triathlon? It’s grueling event:  2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, a 26.2 mile marathon run. By 2008, Read more [...]

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What is Anti-Microbial Resistance?

Bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are tricky.  Over a period of time, as microbes change, they modify enough to guarantee their survival, making treatments ineffective.  In other words, they naturally adapt to the medications that we create to kill them. This is called antimicrobial resistance. (1) Anti-microbial resistance is a serious problem worldwide. Human actions are partly to blame.  Read more [...]

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Good Health and Friendships Go Hand in Hand

“There is nothing on earth more to be prized than true friendship.” Thomas Aquinas (5) Your health and your relationships You may not know it but your relationships, like friendships and family connections, are important to your health and wellbeing.  This is true throughout your life but especially as you get older. Research supports this assertion.  For example, in 2010 a group of Read more [...]