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Multiple Sclerosis and Emotions blog-01

Multiple Sclerosis and Emotions

  The public knows the physical manifestations of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—fatigue, weakness, loss of balance and coordination— better than the emotional consequences of the disease.  Yet, for people with MS, emotional changes can feel just as disruptive.  Emotional changes can affect relationships, impair one’s ability to work and significantly reduce their quality of life. Mood Read more [...]

Rising Costs of Specialty Drugs II blog art-01

The Rising Costs of Specialty Drugs – Specialty Pharmacies Can Mean Savings for Payers, Providers and Patients – Part II

In my last post about rising specialty drug costs, I touched on what many believe are price increase catalysts: inappropriate drug access, utilization, and care optimization. When stakeholders throughout the specialty drug continuum do not have collaborative strategies and tools to manage these factors, the result is a higher cost for everyone across the board. With the latest generation of Read more [...]

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Two years ago, at the age of 24, Kayla Redig found a lump in her breast.   Diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, her treatment regimen consisted of chemotherapy once every two weeks for 20 weeks.  (1) Chemo Is My Teammate In her blog, “Love Conquers All,” Kayla describes the mindset she wanted to maintain, “chemo is doing the killing. Chemo is my teammate and plays a huge role in this Read more [...]

Movember blog 2015-01

MOVE:  The New Way to Make a Movember Difference

Movember: It’s here again, the month where men worldwide start November 1st with a clean shave only to have their faces taken over by a ‘mo.’ What’s a ‘mo?’  It’s Australian lingo for a mustache.  (1) The annual Movember fundraising campaign is a worldwide effort for men’s health. Its funds support prostate cancer and testicular cancer research and awareness.   Monies have Read more [...]

Telemedicine What Is It Blog 01

What is Telemedicine and how is it Revolutionizing Medicine from a Distance?

What is telemedicine? Telemedicine has been around for over 40 years, but it is only now getting mainstream attention.  So, what is telemedicine and why is it getting so much attention? According to the American Telemedicine Association, “telemedicine is the remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using telecommunications technology.  This includes a wide array Read more [...]

Psoriasis not contagious Awareness 01

It’s NOT Contagious!  Psoriasis Awareness

For the 7.5 million people living with psoriasis in the U.S., the fact that this disorder is NOT contagious is one of the most important messages of Psoriasis Awareness Month.  That is only one of the reasons awareness is important. Here are some facts.  Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease in which the rate of growth of skin cells increases as a result of the body’s mistaken immune response to Read more [...]

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Red Ribbon Week Helps Families Battle Prescription Drug Abuse

Did you know that around 52 million people in the U.S. have abused prescription medications? (1) It may surprise you to learn that locking your prescription medications away so that others can’t access them is a way you can prevent drug abuse. The week of October 23rd through 31st - Red Ribbon Week- is a week dedicated to drug abuse prevention. (2)   Since a little over a quarter (26%) of Read more [...]

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What is Sepsis?

“When did this happen?”  That is the question that keeps going through your mind while reading the Flatley family’s account of their experience with sepsis.   It sounds like something from the Dark Ages, in a third world country, in a time before antibiotics, IVs, and the word STAT. But this happened in April 2002.  Erin Flatley, age 23, had routine hemorrhoid surgery.  Seven days Read more [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month blog-01

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The MBCProject

  When the colors of autumn change from oranges and reds to hot pink, many people with breast cancer cringe.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The question is, do we need Breast Cancer Awareness Month anymore? The American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries (now AstraZeneca) founded National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. (1) The goal? Promoting mammography Read more [...]

Bone and Joint Week blog-01

Bone and Joint Week Is Here

You may not know this but there is a full week devoted to bones and joints. Bone and Joint Week takes place October 12-20th. It is a special time dedicated to telling the stories of Americans who are dealing with conditions associated with their bones and joints.  Here’s a surprising fact: Did you know that more than half of all Americans over age 18 deal with bone and joint issues? (1) If you Read more [...]