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NEWS UPDATE For People Living With Psoriasis

There’s exciting news for people living with plaque psoriasis. For those who are not familiar with psoriasis, here’s a short primer.   Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, meaning that cells in the body that usually attack viruses and bacteria (cells of the immune system) instead assault cells of the body. Psoriasis affects around 7.5 million Americans, making it the most prevalent Read more [...]

Cancer Card Xchange  blog-01

Big Ideas: The Cancer Card Xchange

Each year, you probably have at least one holiday or birthday gift you’re sure to re-gift. It could be that twentieth “empty book”—you know the lined journal that everyone thinks you have the time and energy to fill that sits unused on your bookshelf. It might also be a gift card to a store, cinema or restaurant that you don’t frequent. It’s amazing to learn that that 40 percent Read more [...]

New years resolutions #bcsm

3 Little Words

Around 45 % of Americans say they usually make a New Year’s Resolution but only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolution. New Year’s resolutions just may not be for everyone. An idea that is replacing resolutions for many is choosing three words to live by. That’s right. Three simple words. As one blogger, Phillipa Ramsden, writes, the three words, “fill me with optimism Read more [...]

You don't look Sick blog

But You Don’t Look Sick…

If you have a chronic disease, you’ve probably heard this before. Theatrical training may not be on your resume, but you are an actor: acting like a healthy person when, in fact, you feel awful. In 2010 Christine Miserandino wrote a blog post called The Spoon Theory. In the post, Christine describes trying to help her best friend understand what it really feels like to live with Lupus. She Read more [...]

Pfizer Oncology Network blog-01

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy Joins the Pfizer Oncology Network

Axium has begun dispensing and supporting key Pfizer oral oncology medications: Sutent®, Inlyta®, Bosulif® and Xalkori®  Lake Mary, FLA – Axium Healthcare Pharmacy announced today that it is now a participating specialty pharmacy in the Pfizer Limited Distribution Oncology Network. Axium, as a member of the network, is authorized to dispense and support Pfizer’s specialty oral oncology Read more [...]

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Holidays and eating

The Holidays and Eating: Help!

Faced with all the homemade baked goods and massive helpings of turkey, ham or goose, you may be looking toward the holidays with trepidation. Food is everywhere. First, know that you are not alone in your worry. Everyone has been there. How do you cope? Here are some ideas that might make a difference for you during the holidays. If you are heading to a holiday shindig hosted by someone Read more [...]

specialty pharmacy innovation

Specialty Pharmacy: The History and Future of Managing Innovation

This past year, 2014, has been a tremendous year for specialty medication innovations. We witnessed many groundbreaking specialty drug releases for a host of chronic conditions including cancer, hepatitis C, inflammatory diseases, and multiple sclerosis. In some instances, innovations have hit the market in the forms of oral medications, which for some chronic conditions were previously unheard Read more [...]

Nurses app blog

Health App Intelligence: Finding the Right Apps for Working Nurses

With an estimated 40,000 professional mobile health apps in circulation today, it can feel like a job in and of itself for nurses to choose which apps to use. Even more elusive is the question of which health apps can solve the most problems for working nurses. Why health apps? According to research, nurses have been forced to spend less than 20 percent of their time on direct patient care. Read more [...]

Holidays and chronic illness

Coping with the Holidays and Chronic Disease

It’s the holiday season: holiday songs in the malls, decorations everywhere, commercials, TV shows and movies telling you that this is the time to be with family and friends…to feel connected. What if you are coping with grief, loss, or a chronic condition?   You may not feel included in this message.   Holiday expectations may, in fact, make you feel very alone and lonely. Many people Read more [...]

OTEZLA Psoriasis Dermatologists


There’s a new medication available for your patients with plaque psoriasis.It is a systemic medication that is prescribed for people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis who are using phototherapy (light therapy) or systemic therapy. It is also prescribed for people with psoriatic arthritis. The name of the drug is OTEZLA®. It works as a Phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitor or PDE4 inhibitor. OTEZLA Read more [...]