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What’s The Differences Between “Regular Chemotherapy” and “Targeted Chemotherapy”?

You’ve probably been hearing the following phrases in the news: targeted therapy, molecularly targeted therapy, personalized or precision medicine.  What do these phrases mean? Is standard chemotherapy the same as precision medicine? Your confusion is justified. These phrases—targeted therapy, molecularly targeted therapy, and personalized or precision medicine—are all used to describe Read more [...]

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5 Minute Health Tips: Vaccinations as Adults

After getting to adulthood, many feel that vaccines are a thing of the past.  Yes, each year, we hear about the flu vaccine that we all should have before the flu season starts up. However, many think the need for those other vaccines are outdated.  Not so, says the CDC.  Be warned:  There is a schedule for adult vaccines, just like there is for children. So let’s get a refresher course Read more [...]

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Numeracy and Healthcare

Numbers… Math has been the favorite subject in Gallup polls of teenagers (2012) (1) and is seen as the most valuable among adults in 2013 (2). Yet 33% of U.S. adults have “only basic quantitative skills.” (3) Numeracy and Healthcare Why does this matter to healthcare?  Health literacy is defined as “the degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, Read more [...]

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5-Minute Health Tips: Your Microwave, Dishwasher and Food Safety – Simple Tips Can Keep You from Getting Sick

When someone feels “crummy in the tummy,” one often assumes the culprit is a 24-hour stomach bug.  While most people can stay near a restroom and live through it, things aren’t that simple for people with chronic conditions. Moreover, there is a chance that “stomach bug” came from a preventable source, contaminated food. Bacteria and Viruses in Food Every year around 1 in 6 people Read more [...]

Empathy and Connected Care

Improving The Patient Experience In Healthcare: Empathy And Connected Care

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other’s eyes in an instant?  ~Henry David Thoreau (1) For the past six years, The Cleveland Clinic has presented the Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit. (2) Held this past May, one of its most impassioned speakers was Christy Dempsey, MSN, RN, MBA, CNOR, CENP, Chief Nursing Officer for the consulting firm, Read more [...]

Manage Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Using Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps May Bring Control to Managing Your MS

Although no app or other technology can replace your physician’s care,  new technology has made huge strides in enhancing your healthcare tools.  Here is one example. At Doctors 2.0, Dr. Sandeep Pulam, CMIO of @Point of Care presented one such mobile phone application called My MS Manager™. (1) Developed in collaboration with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of America [MSSA], the app is Read more [...]

Water And The Human Body

5 Minute Health Tips: Mid-Summer Reminder:  Water and What It Does For Us Inside

"All day I’ve faced a barren waste Without the taste of water, cool water. Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry And souls that cry for water, Cool, clear water."  –Bob Nolan (lyrics to “Cool Water”) (1) Although more than 70% of the earth is covered with water, 97% is salty and undrinkable/unusable without treatment. (2) Perhaps it is a fascinating coincidence but some say that human Read more [...]

Cancer Immunotherapy

Treatment Findings at ASCO 2015 Shines Bright Light on Cancer Immunotherapy

“Anticipation” is the operative word when 37,000 people working in oncology meet. Every year scientists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers and patients get together to share research findings at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting.  Gratifying those expectations is one of the most promising research areas, cancer immunotherapy. At ASCO 2015, monoclonal Read more [...]

Being Safe at the Hospital

Being Safe at the Hospital

When you have to stay overnight at a hospital, or even if you are just undergoing an outpatient visit, you need to be prepared.  One in four people in the hospital are affected by errors—from hospital-acquired infections to medication mistakes to surgical mix-ups. Being on guard yourself, or better still, having a friend or loved one there to ask questions, is your best protection. In Read more [...]

Slip Slop Slap

Slip, Slop, Slap: Slip on a Shirt, Slop on Sunscreen, Slap on a Hat

Introducing Sid the Seagull Who would guess that a seagull named Sid could be a messenger for sun protection?  Since 1981, Sid has been teaching sun safety to mates in the “Land Down-Under.” Skin Cancer Why?  Australia has the highest reported skin cancer rates in the world and the most common cancer in the country’s young people (age 15 to 29 years) is melanoma.  Yet, Australians Read more [...]