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Advanced Melanoma Treatment ASCO 2015

The oncology community uses knowledge of genes and genetic changes in many ways to treat resistant cancers.   In one way, drugs are developed that target proteins created by mutated genes.  “Treatment Findings at ASCO 2015 Shines Bright Light on Cancer Immunotherapy” described a medicine, Nivolumab, a monoclonal antibody medication created to act as a checkpoint inhibitor for PD-1, a protein Read more [...]

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5 Minute Health Tips: Handwashing: Are you Doing it Right or Wrong?

You see the posting in the bathrooms.  You hear the recommendations during flu season.  They’re everywhere.  Wash your hands after using the restroom.   Yet, many people don’t.   EWWWWWW! The Facts about Handwashing So this post is about the number of people who don’t wash their hands or don’t wash their hands properly.  Are you one of these people?  You might be surprised to Read more [...]

Tips Questions to Ask at Doctor Appointment blog-01

No Such Thing As A “Dumb Question”

Most of the time you feel okay about yourself.  Then you go to your physician’s office for a check up.   With each question she asks, you feel a little uncertain.  She discusses the medication she wants you to take and you leave.  You are in your car, driving home when you remember that you forgot to tell her about a symptom you have been having.  You go to the pharmacy and pick up the Read more [...]

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September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that this month is Blood Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S.? Most of us have probably supported or lost a family member or friend to some form of blood cancer. Blood cancers affect the bone marrow, blood cells, lymph nodes and other parts of the lymphatic system. Some of the more common blood cancers include leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma; however, there are many variations Read more [...]

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Genetic Testing and the Future of Oncology Products

Before genetic testing became more readily available, cancers were named for the tissues in which the tumors were found – for example: breast, prostate, lung, and brain cancer.  This very basic identification model translated into treatment therapies that were broadly generalized and less effective.  That has all changed – and rather quickly.  With the advent of genetic testing, an entire Read more [...]

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month blog-01

U.S. Whitehouse Coins September as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer Impacts 1 in 7 Men in the U.S. A Presidential Proclamation states, “prostate cancer will kill more than 27,500 of our Nation's fathers, husbands, sons, and brothers this year, and more than 220,000 Americans will be diagnosed with it in 2015 alone.” That being noted, The White House has designated September 2015 as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. (1)   Although these Read more [...]

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ICD-10: How Specialty Pharmacies Can Prepare for Change

What is the ICD-10? The ICD-10 is the 10th revision of the International Classification of Disease. ICD-10 implementation has been in the works for quite some time, and has experienced many delays. However, even after being plagued with delays, a recent Qualitest survey shows an overwhelming 80 percent of healthcare providers believe that the rollout will take place at its next scheduled implementation Read more [...]

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What’s The Differences Between “Regular Chemotherapy” and “Targeted Chemotherapy”?

You’ve probably been hearing the following phrases in the news: targeted therapy, molecularly targeted therapy, personalized or precision medicine.  What do these phrases mean? Is standard chemotherapy the same as precision medicine? Your confusion is justified. These phrases—targeted therapy, molecularly targeted therapy, and personalized or precision medicine—are all used to describe Read more [...]

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5 Minute Health Tips: Vaccinations as Adults

After getting to adulthood, many feel that vaccines are a thing of the past.  Yes, each year, we hear about the flu vaccine that we all should have before the flu season starts up. However, many think the need for those other vaccines are outdated.  Not so, says the CDC.  Be warned:  There is a schedule for adult vaccines, just like there is for children. So let’s get a refresher course Read more [...]

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Numeracy and Healthcare

Numbers… Math has been the favorite subject in Gallup polls of teenagers (2012) (1) and is seen as the most valuable among adults in 2013 (2). Yet 33% of U.S. adults have “only basic quantitative skills.” (3) Numeracy and Healthcare Why does this matter to healthcare?  Health literacy is defined as “the degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, Read more [...]