Essential Tips & Trends
By Maribel Areopagita
5 Minute Health Tips: Mid-Summer Reminder:  Water and What It Does For Us Inside

“All day I’ve faced a barren waste Without the taste of water, cool water. Old Dan and I with throats burnt dry And souls that cry for water, Cool, clear water.”  –Bob Nolan (lyrics to “Cool Water”) (1) Although more than 70% of the [...]

It's All About You
By Resident and Guest Experts
Being Safe at the Hospital

When you have to stay overnight at a hospital, or even if you are just undergoing an outpatient visit, you need to be prepared.  One in four people in the hospital are affected by errors—from hospital-acquired infections to medication mistakes [...]

Navigating The Healthcare Path
By Mark Montgomery
The Rising Costs of Specialty Drugs – Specialty Pharmacies Can Mean Savings For Payers, Providers And Patients

We continue to see reports of rising pharmaceutical drug costs associated with specialty medications, and how cost trends are affecting healthcare providers, payers and naturally, patients. If one only glances at specialty medication [...]