Essential Tips & Trends
By Maribel Areopagita
How We Can Help P̶a̶t̶i̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ People Improve Adherence

As clinicians—pharmacists, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, we are proficient in identifying and delivering the most appropriate course of treatment to our patients. Yet, with all of the data and discussions, we still [...]

It's All About You
By Resident and Guest Experts
American Heroism: The Lifeblood of America, the Hope of the World

Independence Day is upon us and we at Axium Healthcare Pharmacy are making time to celebrate American heroes who have served our country.  In honor of this Day, we are exploring the importance of service and highlighting just a small sample of [...]

Navigating The Healthcare Path
By Mark Montgomery
It’s More than the Win: The Specialty Pharmacy and Hockey Connection

What do specialty pharmacy and hockey have in common? You’re probably thinking, “Not much. Why?” Throughout my interview with i4business, connections between one of the most important growing healthcare movements—specialty pharmacy, and the ever [...]